Took a break last year, now I will try this challenge from Andy. I did complete one 365 challenge but am aiming for at least Andy’s wonderful 52 list and hopefully more.


Hoping to get inspired anyway.  These tiny hardy cyclamen are cheery.  A little something for you who are frozen.


This wild girl suits this song so well.  Hello Trouble  by Buck Owens was my first thought but the tune that Ivor has in the fabulous challenge list is more better.

I especially like flowers that bloom in winter. This hellebore was blooming today.


Sorry for those of you who are in the nasty cold.  What a name- polar vortex!


I ran out of steam last fall but Ivor came up with such an intriguing list (all songs) that I am trying  another year of challenges, aiming for somewhere between once a week and everyday.  You can find the list and the other photographers here.

Team13 Teamtwo13

The Cherry City Derby Girls Wheel Assassins.  The Port Scandlous Brawl Stars didn’t have their bench by the beer garden ;-(   I don’t have the skill and/or gear for action indoors but it was fun to catch great skater names.

Bill- I think Katie Mae just pulled her hair through the holes in her helmet- she is in the light leggings above.


I do like gardens I’m not responsible for, this was the best!

More soon from my fun date with Jan and Bill at the roller derby. The names alone are an inspiration, as is the wonderful attitude of the skaters.


It has been one of the best summers here that I can remember.  Hints of fall are showing with the lower angle of the sun and late summer flowers.

Added a texture of my own.


This bench is so uncomfortable I’ve been seeing what will grow on it. Here it is from last year, I may water the moss.


I don’t know what this fuzzy weed is.  A weed seems like a good thing for this post – # 1000 according to WordPress.  I haven’t been keeping up with this or any of you blogging buddies, will soon I hope.

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August 2022