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I like these bright red crocosmias, so do the hummers but it is blooming late and I think the rufous hummingbirds have gone to the mountains to get ready to go south.

 Macro is tough, I like to think I have sort of steady hands but this damselfly was hard to focus on. This was with the f4 aperture ring, I think I should have used the f14 or so.

Got to send the kit back to Bill

With the 7x macro (thanks Bill, I will be sending it back soon)  for my Lensbaby I got pretty darn close to this sweet iris (a small Siberian  ‘Flight of the Butterflies’)  above is with the f 16 aperture ring and below is the 4.

Bobbie was talking about getting detail versus blur with  a Lensbaby and I realized that I rarely swap out the rings.  Another way that it makes you slow down and think I guess.

I don’t know what these windows were for at this old bunker.

I tried to match the curve of the wheels with the curve of the Lensbaby blur.

I love daffodils and I especially  love that it is warm enough to not freeze my fingers fiddling with my Lensbaby, this is with the 2.8 ring

More precisely this is concrete, a friend cast this from a rhubarb leaf.

Bill saying  that the Lensbaby darkens  makes me feel not so lame.  In this case it might be good, I usually blow out light in the woods like this, the creek is barely visible though.

The sling for the big boat lift is a nice big letter U.

Happily it isn’t routinely as frosty as this morning was here but Chloe sniffs and I get the paper each morning.

Didn’t quite get the sweet spot right with the Lensbaby…

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June 2020