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It has been one of the best summers here that I can remember.  Hints of fall are showing with the lower angle of the sun and late summer flowers.

Added a texture of my own.

This flower is on an un-lovely house plant that blooms each time I think of tossing it out. As a pro plant person I like to threaten flora.
I was playing with the new filters in CS6 and made the texture with the new lens blur filter.

My dad went to this school and so did my brothers and I.  It’s a community center now.

I have a shot of a duck family with fuzzy babies and all but this is a way cooler dad.

One of the textures was from regularjane at deviantart

Added a rusty texture to grunge up this estop light

I find anything that blooms in January to be endearing, especially hellebores.

At least the third time for this  theme over the years.  Added a texture from Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations.

I like how Queen Anne’s lace turns into tiny tumbleweeds.  I overlaid some of the grasses nearby.

I have no idea what this is, check out the cool dealie-bobs under the wings. One  texture is from the fabulous Shadowhouse Creations, the rest are my own.

Editing to say that I’ve been told this is a crane fly,  aka mosquito hawk, but not the damaging Euro import.

This seemed too pretty so I used textures from the very talented and very generous Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations.

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June 2020